• In case of changes to the date, participant's name, etc...
    Please send an email to: inscription@portesdusoleil.com or call us on +33 (0)4 50 73 32 54.​​
    A written confirmation will be sent to you after the changes have been made.
    ​​ This service is subject to availability.
    ​​ Emails will be dealt with in the order that they are received.​​
    A reply will be sent as soon as possible, but may take a few days in periods of very high demand. ​​ The organisation does not have a waiting list for the event.
    You can look at the Pass'Portes Facebook page or on MTB forums for people looking to re-sell their place.

  • What can I do if there's no space left in Morzine/ Les Gets? Can we start from somewhere nearby?​​
    The nearest departure points are Lindarets (20 mins by car from Morzine) or Avoriaz (10 mins by car to access Avoriaz via Les Prodains from Morzine)
    . If you don't want to take a car, there are free shuttle buses set up by the organisation in the morning: Morzine > Les Lindarets and Morzine > Avoriaz via Les Prodains (the 3S cable car at Les Prodains is free for Pass'Porteurs heading to the tourist office to retrieve their welcome packs).
    Bus timetables will be posted on the website soon. It is not possible to reserve a shuttle but there is usually always space (shuttles run from 6.30am and at regular intervals).​​

  • Is it easy to get from Morzine to Les Gets and vice-versa?​​
    From Les Gets, you can return to Morzine by bike on the road, it's all downhill. To get to Les Gets from Morzine, take a shuttle bus: Morzine > Les Gets. Free buses have been organised by the Portes du Soleil each evening from 6.30-7.30pm, every 15 mins. Reservations are not possible.​​

  • How old do I have to participate in the Pass'Portes?​​
    You can sign up for the Pass'Portes classic from 14 years old and for the Pass'Portes Kids if you are between 9 and 14 years old. Parental authorisation is needed for all minors (please download the form from the website).​​ 14-year-olds can choose (with the agreement of a parent or guardian) between the Pass'Portes MTB classic or the Pass'Portes Kids.​​

  • What can I do if Châtel is full?​​
    We suggest starting from Morgins - 5 mins by car from Châtel, or a steep bike ride!
    There are no organised shuttles between Châtel/France and Morgins/Switzerland.​​

  • I can't find the departure point I want:
    ​​ If the village-resort does not appear in the choices on the registration system it means that resort is full. Alternative departure points will be listed.​​

  • I can't register:​​ - close the session and try again from another browser​​ - if this doesn't work, send an email to inscription@portesdusoleil.com​​

  • What kind of bike do I need? ​​
    A MTB, all-mountain enduro, full suspension bike with 130-180mm travel. Tyres should be reinforced with a minimum section of 2.2". An adjustable seat-post is advised.

  • ​​ What protection is advised?​​
    A helmet and gloves are obligatory. Back, elbow and knee pads are recommended.​​

  • How do I get my bike on the chairlifts?​​
    Some chairlifts only accept one person and one bike, others can take 2 people and 2 bikes and sometimes more. Sometimes you will be required to load the bike yourself, at other points the lift staff will do this for you. This depends on regulations at each individual lift, so please stay aware and look and listen for instructions!
  • Can I participate in the Pass'portes du Soleil MTB with an ebike ?
    Yes of course. Don't forget there is a specific itinerary designed for ebikes.