Tickets resale

Tickets resale

The Pass'Portes du Soleil MTB has been postponed to late August but unfortunately you won't be able to attend.

No worries, you can resale your ticket!

On the Pass'Portes Facebook goup many people are looking to buy your ticket.

You will make someone very happy! Once you have found someone to buy your ticket, it's up to you to replace the personal information for the ones of the buyer (please fill all of the information of the participant).
And here come the easy part!

  • 1/ Go back to your registration confirmation received by email. You will found a direct link to your registration called "by clicking here "

  • 2/ The link will send you directly to your 2020 registration. Click on " Modify registration "

  • 3/ Modify participant personal information (all of them), then click on << Validate modifications>>

  • 4/ Once the modifications are done and you have validated, click on « Send a confirmation by email ». It will be sent to you (the seller) by email.

  • 5/ Forward the email to the buyer so they can verify the veracity of the information.
  • 6/ Once everything is in order, you can fill the autorisation of resale form and follow the instructions on it: (lien vers pdf autorisation de revente UK)