Our Bike Choice

This ideal bike must eat up mountain tracks, absorb the bumps for easy riding without taking away the "feel", and be light enough to make the uphills as easy as possible

Taking all these points into consideration, the organisers' bike of choice for the Pass'Portes du Soleil MTB is the Zesty AM from Lapierre bike. The Zesty will take you wherever you want during the event - and whenever you want to MTB in the Portes du Soleil.


In 2019, an all Mountain bike must know everything: from your daily outing to the big mountain escapes. This is the essence of ATV. Be effective, whatever the direction of the slope. Not to forget to be player, fast and pleasant to fly. It is not only the victory that counts, but especially to have a good time on his ATV! Long live the ZESTY AM 8.0 Ultimate!


Every detail counts! The inspiration behind our integrated Bosch Carbon Overvolt model stems from the success enjoyed by the aluminum model. We knew that by reworking certain parts of the bike while improving its strengths, we would be able to propose an outstanding product.